The WFH Revolution is Here!

By Kurt In Career Development, Job Search On April 2, 2021

Interesting times: Working From Home (WFH), once seen as a luxury for employees and a compromise for employers, became a necessity. Now we’re starting to see the benefits and byproducts.

From the Harvard Business School: “Commuting Hurts Productivity and Your Best Talent Suffers Most.” Seems obvious but how do we know? With lots of people WFH, there’s enough data to make productivity comparisons. Employers should note this line: “Your Best Talent Suffers Most.”

No matter what happens with COVID conditions, “work” will never be the same. At first the movement to redefine the “workplace” may be led by employees who really want the flexibility of being able to WFH, but later I believe employers will catch on.

Employers who embrace WFH will expand their recruiting opportunities beyond geographic boundaries or preferences. As a recruiter I deal with the remote verus relocation question every day. If the location is not right, the candidate is not interested. They will also save money by reducing office space and relocation benefits.

Plus, employees who WFH can be more focused, more relaxed and likely to put in more hours. I know I do.

WFH when done well, will unclog our highways, reduce stress, create flexibility, save money, and reduce pollution. Hopefully it’s here to stay.

Kurt Schmidt is the author of “Modern Job Search” and the President of Converging Point, an executive search firm focused on supply chain and strategic sourcing jobs in manufacturing and energy.

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